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8 Week Good Manners & Obedience Program

For Puppies & Dogs Over 5 Months of Age


  • New classes begin every 2 or 3 weeks
  • Adult classes are held Saturday and Sundays at 2.45 and 4pm


  • Any vaccinated pup or dog over the age of 5 months. They are required to have passed the 10-14 day inoculation period


  • Maximum capacity is 4 per class.
  • The small class numbers make it possible for me to give individual assistance and attention to every client in the class. This provides an optimal learning experience, so clients achieve their purpose in attending the academy.


  • To register your interest in a class please email to request the relevant enroment forms


  • The Academy is on private property in Woorree.
  • For security reasons, the exact address is given upon reservation of your position.


  • The program is in step by step format
  • Classes are held for 1 hour on the same day at the same time for 8 weeks.

Lesson 1-

  • The first lesson focuses on teaching the basic obedience commands
  • By the end of lesson 1 your dog will have learned sit, drop, roll over on command and begin to learn loose leash walking at heel

Lesson 2 to 8:

  • We use the commands you learned in the first lesson to teach your dog to follow your commands with a multitude of distractions and maintain control whilst crossing paths and approaching other dogs.
  • The lessons and exercises increase in difficulty as you progress through the program. You'll be crossing paths and approaching other dogs in a calm manner with you in control of the situation.


  • To teach your dog to be polite, well mannered and use appropriate behaviours when interacting with humans and other dogs.
  • To have unconditional obedience on outings and at home
  • You will learn methods of controlling of your dog without needing to be physically strong- even a toddler can use these techniques.

Specific training objectives include;

  • Return to owner immediately when called regardless of surroundings
  • Loose leash walking no pulling and at heel
  • Sit politely when greeting visitors, no jumping up
  • Following commands with distractions nearby
  • Approaching other dog's in a calm and controlled manner
  • Accepting friendly: visitors, other dogs and animals
  • Unconditionally and immediate response to all commands


  • The total cost for the 8 week Group Program is $180. The fee pays for all of the below mentioned program benefits, including the 1 group lesson per week for 8weeks (8 group lessons in total)
  • Discussion night for clients to ask any questions they have in a relaxed atmosphere without there dogs present
  • Unlimited email and phone support available throughout the program.
  • Training booklet which has time proven advice and methods to successfully and permanently solve common behavioural problems.
  • The booklet also has information to help you understand your dogs behaviour in general and the development of habitual good manners

The articles address issues including but not limited to:

  • Play biting or nipping ankles, hands or clothes
  • Jumping up on you, your kids or visitors
  • Stop chewing stuff and destroying your possessions
  • Food obsession and protection
  • Separation anxiety
  • Nuisance barking and whining
  • Accepting other dogs, animals and friendly strangers


  • Optional private training is available from $260 for 4 private lessons
  • Private training appointments are made to suit the clients schedule, with Sunday training available.
  • Private lessons are held at locations where the client is experiencing problems with their dog for example, the beach, at your home, walking from their home etc.
  • Please email price list and further details
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