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What a few people are saying...

Storm, I am completely & utterly in awe of what you have shown & taught us. We have all been practicing your techniques this arvo. I cannot believe the change in our beautiful Dusty. Coco loves practicing what you taught her. You are a legend! Can't thank you enough, looking forward to puppy classes next month xo

Melody Schofield 22/11/2013

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Storm is amazing, she's a great teacher and makes so much sense, I'm really enjoying a new way of training my puppy. You were right about chasing the cats, he's already learning to leave them alone. Thanks so much Storm!!!

Kylie & Wally 14/8/2016

There's been definite improvements in Thors behaviour. Its still a work in progress but I'm very happy with the results. Robyn & Thor 1/8/2016

Escaping dog owner testimonial: Storm! We're making progress. I went to the gym early this morning and tried practicing the stuff you taught us, before I left. When I drove out of the garage she was already out the front of our house. So I put her back inside the yard. When I got home from gym, amazingly, she was still here.

I decided I'd try the same when I went to work but I blocked her escape hole again, thinking it would be pointless, but did it anyway to take all means to stop her getting out. Practiced a bit more again before I left to work.

Well, when I got home she was still here, to my surprise and she wasn't loopy as she would normally be, plus minimal damage!

I know we're only just getting started but I'm already telling all my friends about you. So happy so far! Joe & Sharlotte- 25/6/ 2016

Thank you Storm, for changing my life and defiantly saving Pips life- she is such a different dog now and that was in 6 weeks of classes. My dog Pip is a Border Collie who failed as a sheep dog, was at risk of killing them, so she'd been left in the backyard & had no contact with people.

I had her for 2 weeks and was ready to surrender her. She was highly strung, she had no idea of obedience, no manners, constantly jumping up on me & visitors, wasn't socialised with other dogs, taking her for walks was horrible, she would pull me round and try to chase cars. I couldn't let here off the leash at the beach because she wouldn't come back.

Now walking with her is pleasant & enjoyable - no pulling, no chasing cars. She comes straight back when called.

She sits (most of the time) when greeting visitors, then goes to her 'stay spot' so she's not annoying them.She plays nicely with other dogs.Her manners & obedience have improved beyond mention!!!

Without Storm's help, I would have given her up, and that would have been a shame, Pip has such lovely personality & she's a great mate. I can't thank Storm enough for all the advice & experience she's given me.

Thanks again Storm you are amazing -! Maree Winning & Pip17/5/2015

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support and help in training us and Jasper! You wouldn't believe how big Jasper is now! We learnt so much from your puppy classes and private lessons which were all very worth while. I think back to the challenges we faced in those first few months with Jasper's behaviour and how far we have come is amazing. We couldn't have done it without your assistance and would highly recommend you to anyone seeking training of their dogs. Taryn, Dan & Jasper 6/1/2015

I wanted to let you know that mum & Prince really enjoyed the lesson yesterday. She said she got so much out of it, she was more than a little nervous beforehand. You have lifted her spirits as she was loosing faith in being able to train him. After having two other Goldies that she trained herself with success, Prince has been harder to train in traditional methods.I think my mum feels more in control now, getting their in baby steps. Poor old Prince was so tired after Sunday's training he went home and slept. Having you teach mum train Prince is awesome. Thank you again Storm for the great work you are doing with my loved ones. Debbie 29/12/2014

Our Kelpie X was a very difficult young dog to manage, and I did not know how to deal with him. He was very aggressive towards men, other dogs and I certainly did not trust him around children. I became increasingly nervous taking him anywhere. The first lesson with Storm was very challenging. Oscar was highly strung, he wouldn't stop barking at everyone in the class and everything that moved.

Storm taught me how to deal with these behavioral issues and after a couple of lessons my confidence grew, so did his. To cut a long story short, we now go to group training and he has barely barked since, even when Storm tests him by asking a man to be very loud and stand where Oscar has to pass by. Oscar takes little notice of other dogs these days and is easy to manage. It's like we have a different dog. Best of all my confidence has soared and I'm starting to relax when taking him out! I've even taken him camping without stress, as I now know how to deal with any aggressive behaviours he might have. Thanks Storm - from Leah & Oscar - 20/12/2014

We contacted Storm to help with our 3 year old German Shepherd and her obsessive behaviours! Before contacting Storm we had tried a million tactics to distract our girl from spinning on the spot every time my partner moved about our house, after 1 lesson we managed to get back in the house... No spinning!

We are now 3 lessons in to our 3 month program and can see such great improvements in Kai Kai and we are so grateful for the knowledgeStorm has openly shared with us. We are excited for where we will be at the end of our program! We would confidently recommend Storm to anyone seeking anything from basic training through to improving problem behaviours! - From Cat & Ryan- 18/12/2104

Hi Storm, Just wanted to give you an update after our last private lesson - Rex is walking so much better on the lead now (a bit further ahead than he should but that's my fault!). When he tried to go a bit further he drops back as soon as he's checked. Thanks so much for your help! - Fiona 17/12/2014

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the training. I couldn't leave the house with my frantic dog before we started. Now I'm happy to go out with her off the lead. She is relaxed and very well behaved and easily understands what I want her to do. You trained me well and it shows in my dog. Given she is over 4 yrs old I didn't expect such great improvements.Thanks again.- Terry 27/11/2014

You are amazing. I only have one lesson left. I have learnt so much. I'm sure Lilly still has me wrapped around her paw. But i will continue with everything i have learnt over the past few weeks. - Natasha 27/11/2014

A humongous thanks to Storm Mitchell from Geraldton Dog Training Academy & Mobile Grooming Salon for all the hard work,encouragement, 24/7 support via mobile phone,skype and emails. It is so amazing to see the progress with Mishka and myself over the last year. Mishka had fear aggression and at times wondered if i was the right owner for her. I wouldn't change anything for the world as both Mishka and I are changing to be more relaxed and positive with Storms wonderful training of positive reinforcement. Although it has been a slow process we have gone from Mishka wanting to kill Storm to Mishka sitting, dropping for Storm and taking treats out of her hand. Thank you so much Storm you are amazing ( :

and 6 months later...huge public thank you again to one amazing dog trainer Storm Mitchell all our hard work is paying off with my beautiful Mishka aka mish mash. Its so worth it ! Dogs can be trained and if you need help contact Storm as nothing has ever been too much for her to handle. You're the best StormFrom German Shepard Owner Nathe 25/9/2014

**OUT OF THE ORDINARY SUCCESS STORY, THIS ONE IS SPECIAL!!!**I have been working with a young, hearing impaired man who lip reads as he is almost 100% deaf. He asked me if I could help him train his Rottweiler pup ‘Diesel’, to be his ears for him.

So over the last very interesting month, I have had the opportunity to extend my knowledge and skills of dog training, beyond the usual obedience and good manners stuff. He wants to fix the following things to make life easier;

His number one priority was;

-TO USE HIS PHONE AS AN ALARM LIKE EVERYONE ELSE - instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive alarm clocks that shake his entire bed to wake him.

**MAJOR SUCCESS** In one training session I began the process of training Diesel to wake him with an alarm on his phone. He has continued the process and in 3 weeks Diesel, who is now 16 weeks old, is almost at the point where he can rely on his pup to wake him!!!

The next few things aren't as important for him but are things he wants to work on next;

1. HAVE HIS MEALS WARM - instead of going cold in the microwave because he hasn't heard the bell to let him know its cooked.



This stuff most of us take for granted, but imagine if you couldn't have these things and how frustrating that would be.

Now we are about to start the process to have Diesel, let him know about the microwave, his phone and the door. So for that I asked him to think about how he wants to be alerted of those things and gave him a few ideas about how his pup could let him know.

There are few different ways that he could be alerted but he’s going with my suggestion of having Diesel bring a bowl to represent the microwave, a nudge on his left knee for his phone. He’s still undecided on the door, but leaning towards shaking hands an leading him to the door, my suggestion was to have Diesel bring him a plastic set of keys and lead him to the door, but I think he’ll end up going with the shaking hands idea.

My job is totally awesome, I've said this before and I'll say it again, I'm so lucky and glad to have this gift and be able to help.I’m eagerly anticipating the next step along the journey, of helping make this young mans life easier. Storm Mitchell - 27/7/2014

I have a positive testimonial regarding the techniques Storm has taught us to combat a separation anxiety issue.....They work! We have gone from being able to leave the house for only ten minutes before Kaiser resorted to barking/ howling/ whining and really getting himself into a state. We have been caught up at work recently for quite some time, up to seven hours. Kaiser made not a single sound, and was fast asleep on our arrival home he did not even hear the garage door open. This is a huge improvement, and although takes some time, and a lot of practice, I thought if anyone else is considering getting some help for the same thing it is well worth the money and the effort. Thank you Storm.......Kaiser, Chris and Meredith 22/4/2014

Shany said.... 1st Lesson;

Thanks so much, Storm! It is as if these articles were written just for me and my dog.

We are so glad we found you and we are so happy to have so much info and support….(After I sent Shany articles in response to her request for info on loose leash walking)

3rd Lesson:

***Thanks for all of your help last night. It was so good to see my dog show some of the great work she has been doing at home. I’m just emailing because you said to email you if I needed it (advice on whining) in written form - could you please email the article to stop her whining at the door to come in….

(I sent Shany an article addressing this common problem)

***You are a genius!! It is so reassuring that you always have not one but multiple ideas of how to help. Thanks again I think we may need to purchase lifetime membership!!!


Well where do I start!? Our Staffy pup Click is a very boisterous little girl with the attention span of a bumble bee and would just be so all over the place it was exhausting taking her out. But after three classes with you Storm the difference is amazing! I could not thank your training and education enough! Your knowledge and insight into how dogs behave the way they do is awe inspiring!! I have learnt so much from you and by doing so I have changed MY behaviours to....I have even managed to apply your teachings to our two other dogs (both 13) and the saying about never teaching old dogs new tricks is so far from the truth!!! Thank you Storm for changing our world....

Roni Kerley 24/8/2013

Have had amazing results with our border collie dog that we have had trouble controlling, he is now fully apart of the family and is a lot more graceful to be with! The 8 week dog course has been so helpful and has taught me life long lessons on how to train and deal with dogs! Have had amazing results with our border collie dog that we have had trouble controlling, he is now fully apart of the family and is a lot more graceful to be with! The 8 week dog course has been so helpful and has taught me life long lessons on how to train and deal with dogs! Jana Dillon - 24/8/2013

I highly recommend Geraldton Dog Training, our border collie actually responds after two lessons, Storm your a champion Cant wait for our next lesson - Sarah Fry 24/8/2013

My family have a Labrador pup about 5 months of age. He is very energetic and full of energy and we badly needed advice on how to educate our puppy so that he is more enjoyable for the kids eg not jump all over them and show him that we are his leader not the other way around. After a few weeks of dog training with storm - we can't believe how much it's helped. Sammy isn't as hard work and we have easy steps to make our life easy when taking him out etc. we can't thank storm enough - she has a lot of knowledge about animals especially puppy's and their behaviour and we are very happy that the dog training lessons have been very rewarding and successful for us all. Thanks storm! Donna Exton 26/8/2013

Just letting you know that I was very happy with your grooming on my Tiger. Both hubby and my son said its the best they have seen. My search has ended with you and Im going to be calling on you in future for his hair cuts. Just goes to show you dont need to have all the "latest" tables,cars etc to groom a dog. - from a new client who wishes to remain anonymous due to her associations with my competition! Gotta love small towns

For those of you looking, we have just done the 8 week adult dog course with our 6 month old very active kelpie x and had really good results. More importantly it has taught us how to continue his training and deal with his behaviour at home after the fact. Would highly recommend these courses to anyone with a dog

Brooke Bennett 4/8/2013

My dog literally changed before my eyes during Storm's classes...He is still a vivacious ball of non-stop energy but the social skills he has learnt are four hour long lessons Rocco learnt how to interact with other dogs, he can sit beside me and I know he will not run off at the slightest distraction and he can walk so well on the lead. He still jumps up to say hello to people but he knows now what basic hand commands mean and he stops at once. You cant put a price on a happy and OBEDIENT dog that people want around

Meg Drage-Iaria 4/8/2013

Awesome work Storm! :o)

Anita Fitzsimons

Can't thank you enough! I was totally amazed and overjoyed with Charlie's lack of anxiety .....from super anxious to super dog

Lesley Moulder 26/6/2013

I had a decision to make put my down or attend dog training. Then how was I going to afford it as a single mum? I would still need a guard dog so if I paid to put her down and then spent more money getting a new dog and getting it de-sexed, vaccinated, registered and micro-chipped all over again it would cost more than dog training. So after I weighed up the pro’s and con’s the decision became easier. I had to give dog training a go. Day 1 of training showed I had no control. I knew it was going to be a long road. Since that day Ellie and I have really enjoyed spending time together. There is nothing to distract or hinder the consistent progress we have made. Storm’s teaching and encouragement has taught both owner and dog how to relax and have fun. She has taught me how to take control and be confident. Storm gives us so much advice and techniques to put into practise. The owner is the one that needs the most help not the dog and thanks to Storm I am getting that help.Tanya Southcott 9/5/2013

What can I say... Storm has such an amazing connection with animals, she whispers to them, she gets them. This girl is the expert on her field. Thanks for coming on your day off to serve my little four legged baby, much appreciated x

Gillian Laine 3/5/2013

Worth every dollar you pay to participate. We completed a puppy class last year and I have a very well behaved Staffy. Couldn't be happier and cant wait till he is old enough to attend the dog classes

Vanessa Obrien 9/1/2013

Hi Storm, my Shorty has just graduated and wanted a say a big thank you for all your help. You have made a big difference and everyone comments on how much better she has been since starting your training course. Thanks again you are awesome!!

Terri Sorrenson 18/12/2012

ThanksStorm Mitchell! 6 weeks into the dog training course and I've noticed so many changes in my dog already! On my beach walks he now walks by my side without the lead on and always comes back to me for approval. He is getting more and more obedient each week!! Thanks for helping me get the most out of having such a beautiful dog! :)

Amanda Robertson 12/10/2012

Thanks so much for the first puppy training session tonight!! You have opened my eyes to different ways to train my pups and I look forward to the next class! I have been to other dog schools before but found the classes to be too big (25 dogs) all ages and my dog just wanted to play with everyone and it was really hard as everyone was at different stages! It was great to be in a group of four tonight and get a lot of attention in the different things we learnt tonight. Brax may have been the rebel of the class but now I know how to make him behave hopefully I can help change that for next week:) keep up the good work and I highly recommend it to everyone!!

- Kate Box 5-9-2012

Storm thank u again for all the training & support u have given me with Rogan. I'm excited about the relationship u are helping me build with my gorjus dog & the confidence u have given me about gaining leadership. You're an absolute champ!!! Don't even want to think where we would be without ya!!

- Bek Barbour 21-5-2012

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